Question About Overclockin' Athlon II X4 640 Propus

So a couple days ago I put together a new budget rig with the following specs:

AMD Athlon II X4 640

Biostar a880g +

Wintec AMPX DDR3 1333 (Just noticed I forgot to compensate for raising FSB) Fixed

Onboard video for now

I'm new to overclocking but here goes what I have done so far.

Dropped HT Link from stock (2000Mhz) to 1000Mhz

Left stock Multiplier of 15 and raised Fsb to 214 giving me 3.21Ghz

Now I'm lost and I really could use some help to guide me forward to whats next, and what I may have missed.

Screen shots.

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  1. you can go alot farther but you are going about it all wrong. The propus is a locked multiplier chip meaning the Referrence clock/FSB is the main indicator of OC as opposed to the multiplier in Unlocked chips. OC'ing locked multi chips must be done in a process to ensure maximum stable OC.

    first thing set everything back to stock. Go to your memory timings and set back one standard(1600 to 1333) or what ave you. Start bumping the reference clock(FSB) up 5hmz at a time until you become unstable. My REF/FSB is at 240=3.6Ghz No voltage increases VCORE:AUTO 100% stable with this method. Only once you have found your max with adjusting only the FSB you begin to adjust voltages and other timings such as VCORE/NB VOLT/MEM VOLT/ HT LINK to seek stability with further REF CLOCK/FSB increases.
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