Please Help me interpret Memtest86+ v2.11 Results

I've bought new System with the following config :

AMD Sempron Processor
MSI K9N6PGM2-V Motherboard
Dynet 1 GB RAM 555Mhz
Seagate 250 GB HDD SATA
LG DVD Writer

While I tried to install Win XP SP2 I got BSOD and also some files cannot be copied error message. So as some post mentioned in this forum I'm running a Memtest86+ v2.11 and this screen is running now. Please help me interpret this information.

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  1. Well, RED is BAD!

    Is your RAM in two sticks of 512MB each? If so, I'd test them separately in the same slot. You'll likely find that one passes and the other one doesn't. If they both pass and won't pass installed together, make sure you have them in the correct pair of slots on motherboard. If you have 4 slots, try them in the other pair of slots.

    Try cleaning the 2nd slot also. If the motherboard allow it, try testing each stick by itself in the 2nd slot.

    If you haven't yet done it, you should enter the BIOS and set it to Optimal Defaults or something similar. This will clear out any unusual settings and put the BIOS in good shape to work from. In addition, examine the RAM or its website to see what voltage it requires and set that manually in the BIOS.
  2. Finally I've got a solution. I'm sharing the same here for others benefit.
    First I'd like to thank mongox. thanks for your answer and quick reply.

    What I Did :
    I replaced the faulty RAM with new one. But I was getting the BSOD on the new RAM also. But this time with an error message (Some thing like Memory insufficient ). Then I found that the problem is with the speed of the RAM. (It was 555 Mhz). So I replaced it with another RAM with capacity 512MB but RAM spead at 800Mhz. Put the 555Mhz 1GB RAM into my another system. Now both are working fine.
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