Computer keeps freezing/hardlocking NEED HELP!!

Hi recently built a new computer for my uni course but i am experianceing a lot of hard lockups in windows. The system was built about 6 months ago and i have had this freezes/lockups constantly in the time although the time frame between them can be different. I can somtimes go without a freeze/lockup for weeks at a time, other times it can be more than 5 a day. I really need help trying to find the cause of this problem as i have assignments due in soon and cannot do them without the computer.

My setup is:
XFX Nvidia 790i Ultra sli motherboard
Intel Q9450 2.67Ghz quad core processor
8GB of OCZ platinum 1333mhz ram (Timings 7-7-7-20)
BFG Nvidia GTX280 OC graphics card
2 x seagate 250gb 16mb cache HDD set up in raid 0
1x Seagate 320gb HDD backup
Dlink Wireless networking pci card
Zalman fan controller
Lightscribe dvd drive
Hiper Type R II 680w PSU
Antec 900 Case

I have already changed the voltages in the bios to do with the processor voltage dropping below 1.21v.
Also i have just changed the memory to the 8GB listed above and also added the two 250gb hdd listed above thinking it could be a memory or hdd problem but that has not solved the problem.

Any help would be very much appriciated.

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  1. Try running memtest86. You'll need the iso to a cd and boot from it or copy it onto a thumb drive and make it a bootball drive. This will help eliminate if the problem is the ram.
  2. +1 to running memtest86+. You should also manually set the RAM speed/timings/voltage to the manufacturers specs in the BIOS.
  3. I ran memtest on every stick in every slot one at a time and found that two of the sticks are faulty so i will be sending them off for a replacements. However i am still experiancing these freezes/lockups. I have also changed the memory timings and voltages to the manufacturers ratings to no avail.

    Thanks for the help and more advice would be very helpful to try and get to the bottom of this problem.

    P.S. I am running the P08 bios for my xfx 790i Ultra motherboard
  4. Well glad we were able to find a few peices of the pie. Try doing a bios update. Make sure you use the latest and greatest bios. Make sure we can elinimate that as a problem.
  5. The Bios is updated to P08 which is the latest one out :P. So I don't think that can be the problem...? The biggest problem seems to come from cold boots. Sometimes my comp wont load up at all gets stuck in post and after resetting i get a warning saying "Warning! system is now in safe mode. please reset cpu or memory frequency in the cmos setup" with the option of continuing with 'F1' or going to bios setup 'del'
  6. Have you tried manually setting your Ram's speed/timings/voltages to the manufacturers specs in bios like shortstuff suggested?
  7. Yh i have set unlinked the ram from the fsb and set the correct speed 1333mhz. I also set timings to expert so i could change them to 7-7-7-20 2T as stated by the manufacturer. The voltages have been set to 1.8v as specified by OCZ
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