WD10EARS capacity detected as 0mb in BIOS


i just purchased a WD10EARS 1TB recently to use as my second hdd and
i have a ST3500312CS 500gb as my boot drive,

the first thing i experience after i installed my WD, the booting process is exremely long, usually it only takes less than 2 mins to boot, but now its takes more than 5 mins to boot,

then i checked the bios, i see that the WD10EARS is detected but the capacity is reduced to a mere 0mb, and not detected at all in the disk management,

i've tried it in my friend pc, and it detected with full capacity, i tried copying, and formating, it works fine, but when i installed back in my pc it still detected as 0mb

i've tried atola's hdd capacity restore, but instead showing near 1tb capacity, it shows -2 bytes as full capacity

and i havent restored it yet,

my motherboard: GA-MA-770T-ES3, my friend also use gigabyte mb but i forgot the serial
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  1. Did you try a different SATA port and/or cable?
  2. Check if a BIOS update is available.
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