Gts250 512mb

does anyone here own a gts250 512mb?
does it have the new pcb or board design?

or did it use the same board as the 9800gtx+?
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  1. You could try googling it.
  2. as far as I know the GTS250 512 is exactly the same in every way as the 9800GTX+, just with a different name
  3. The old ones with 65nm will have 2 - 6pin PCIe sockets, the new ones with 55nm will just have 1.

    pretty much a rule of the thumb, there may be exceptions
  4. thanks..
    how bout the gts250 1gb?
  5. GTS250 1GB is only useful in SLi with a 9800GTX+ or another GTS250 at higher resolutions. A single one by itself isn't powerful enough to use all that RAM.

    9800GTX compatible with 9800GTX and 9800GTX+ in SLi
    9800GTX+ compatible with 9800GTX, 9800GTX+ and GTS250 in SLi
    GTS250 compatible with GTS250 and 9800GTX+ in SLi
  6. thanks y'all case closed
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