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Buying my new gaming pc within 10 days but, I have a question:

I don't see any money savings, as often mentioned, between DIY or buying from

Is it just me or I don't know how to price components on the internet.

Will get the following:
i7, 920
EVGA X58 motherboard
GTS 260, 216, Video Card
6GB 1333 Ram
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  1. cyberpower may use lower end parts and have bad after-service from what I've seen.
  2. ^+1. Esp. their PSUs are cr@p. If that is what you will get, then go DIY. Don't forget a good PSU to power it!
  3. DIY, you will save money and get to pick all your parts specifically, some of their product descriptions are too vague for my liking. Plus Cyberpower will take 3 weeks to get your PC to you from the time you order it, You can have your PC up and running 4 days after you place the order if you DIY.
  4. I gave you a link in your PMs.
  5. They cannot build you a system for the same money unless they are using slightly lessor parts. Cyberpower can buy parts cheaper than you can, but still, to make money they have to do something to save money. They cannot simply pick out the exact same parts you pick for a home build, and put it together, warranty it and ship it to you for the same price you could buy all the parts. If they did that, they would be out of business.
  6. If you want to see money saving then cut out the overkill. Go without a aftermarket cooler. Go with 3gb DDR3 instead of 6gb, it will not hurt your FPS. If you must, install 3 more gb in a year, when prices have gone down. Get a regular case + PSU like this one:
    It will be more then sufficient for one i7+one 260. (one OEM ships i7 + GPU with 350w PSU)

    Also, just get whatever x58 mobo is cheapest and still a reliable brand.

    I think you can easily go below $900.
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