6BG/s with controller?

Hello guys,

I own a ASUS P7P55 LX motherboard and a WD Caviar Black 1 TB SATA 6 Gb/s, 64 MB Cache, 7200 RPM.
Since my mobo doesnt have 6BG/s, it is working on 3GB/s.
I was wondering if a controller souch as ASUS U3S6 True USB 3.0/SATA 6Gb/s Controller Card would help me make the disk run a bit faster (game loading times and souch..) ?

I have i7 870, 4GB dual channel HyperX 1600 and Win7 64.
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  1. Yes, the SATA drive has the ability to drop to SATA 1 and SATA 2 speeds if needed. The drive isn't physically fast enough to saturate the 3Gb/s so it won't be any faster on a 6Gb/s port. 6Gb/s is needed more for fast RAID arrays and SSD's.
  2. You can buy a 6Gbit/sec controller, but it won't make your drive any faster. 6Gbit/sec SATA is like a freeway with a 60MPH speed limit, and your hard drive is like a bicycle that can only go maybe 15MPH max. Sure, the controller can handle high speeds, but the drive can't actually read or write data that fast. You'd only need the faster controller with a drive fast enough to exceed 3Gbit/sec. Right now it's only the very fastest SSDs that can do that - the fastest hard drives are still poking along at well under 2Gbit/sec.

    Even RAID arrays don't need faster SATA connections the way most people use them (using the motherboard chipset) since each physical drive has it's own SATA port to work with.
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