Palit hd4870, ccc wont overclock gpu

My palit 1gb hd4870 sonic wont overclock the gpu clock in ccc. The memory clock adjusts and is sitting on 1040MHz, but the gpu clock is listed as 500MHz, in "current values", instead of 780MHz, and wont move. Temp comes around 40, activity 0, and fan (without override) is 50%.

I'm using 9.4 catalyst drivers on vista ultimate 64bit.

cpu=e8500 stock
mobo=gigabyte x48-ds5
4gigs OCZ reaper pc8500 ddr2
corsair tx750

never had nvidia drivers near it, and a week or so ago updated from 8.6 catalyst to the 9.4. Never looked at the setting under 8.6. Any help would be appreciated, only noticed last night when I installed UT3 and it didn't look as hot as I thought it would.
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  1. gpuz actually reads it correctly (i assume)on the first "graphics card" tab. It says I am running at mem1040 and gpu 785.
    On the "sensors" tab though, it says 500MHz still.
  2. That's because it is running in 2d mode for power saving purposes. When you game it will up to 780mhz.
  3. thanks Jen. GPUz confirms it.
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