Dropped my external harddrive, what to do?!

Hi all,

I have had a slight accident with my hard drive. I was simply sorting out my room where it fell off my shelf 30cm onto my wooden desk. It was running at the time and Im worried i have lost everything. However when i plugged it back in, i saw all my data. I thought i best back it up onto my WD passport but when i plugged it in again it did not detect. i have a macbook pro so if you suggest any programmes on windows i cannot use it. please help me as i have a lot of photos from the past 3 months not backed up and they mean a lot to me.

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  1. If it was powered at the time either bin it and learn from the experience, or find a data recovery specialist an be prepared for a BIG bill.
  2. how big is the bill? when people say big, i wonder how big.
  3. Try pluging it into a friends computer.
  4. There is no way of knowing how much it will cost, generally you send the drive to a recovery firm, they then investigate and send you a description of the damage and a quote.
  5. ohright, anyone got any recommendations?
  6. Sorry Katerina no good news here.
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