Will removing the heatspreader from corsair dominator GT RAM be bad.

sry ran out of room with the thread name.

ok, i will be ordering parts for a new build this week and i was wondering if removing the heat spreader from the corsair dominator GT 2000 would cause it to over heat


i can't leave them on with a NH D14 and i want to OC to 4.6GHz if possible.

i'm getting the asus maximus iv extreme

the G. skill ripjaws 2000 should be compatible but I've heard the corsair RAM is better, especially if OCing.

if none of the options above are good could you please name some good RAM that is compatible on this list.
list link:

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    You might get heat issues by taking them off. I would suggest if you were to get that RAM and remove the heatspreaders, to at least get a spot fan or something to keep their temps down.

    Apart from that.. get different RAM?
  2. i just got the ripjaws instead
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  4. Good move - no voiding warranty by playing around with heatspreaders.

    Thanks for the BA, much appreciated!
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