DVD drive of Acer laptop disappeared

I have a Acer5520G laptop. Suddenly its dvd drive stopped recognizing any dvd or cd. I tested something:
It rolls dvd, red laser(to read disc) lights, drive lamp lights.
However, there is cd drive on computer but there is no dvd drive (it disappeared) (os: Win7 x64)
Also I tried deleting upper and lower filters etc.
I formatted the computer for another reason and the problem continues.
BIOS sometimes recognizes dvd drive (if it does, BIOS screen takes too long)
but even if BIOS recognizes, there is no dvd drive on computer (drive does not read anything too)

I can buy a new dvd drive but I want to know whether the problem is with mobo or the drive before buying.
How can I understand it or can I solve this problem without buying new drive (or how)?

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  1. I opened the drive and unplugged - plugged the cables of the drive (all of them), so problem is fixed. If you have a proper screwdriver you can try it but you should try them before the last chance: (They are what I've learned)
    The most important point: if BIOS recognizes the drive: if yes, the problem may be with your software.
    For Windows, try to delete upper and lower filters (type to google and learn how to do). Or put the installation dvd to the drive and boot the system. If it is recognized, the problem may be with your software.
    So try to use troubleshooting methods of your OS (or you can try it firstly).

    If the drive is not recognized by BIOS, most probably the problem is about the cables. Check the cables: you may buy or use a cable of a friend's computer (for a desktop computer). If it does not work, try using another socket on mobo or another dvd drive such as a friend's drive. If the problem is solved, buy a new cable of a new drive. (if it does not work anyway, your problem may be with your mobo) Note: if you use a laptop in warranty period, don't open anything, give it to the service.
    For an old laptop, go to a service with laptop or drive (it is easy to carry) and check whether the drive works. If the drive is broken, the easy way is buying a new one (you can try to fix it like me but it may be tough :-( ). If the drive works but isn't recognized by BIOS (it may be seen at "ATAPI" in BIOS) and works at the service, the problem may be with the mobo. Be ready to spend money.
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