Core I7 920 Or Phenom II X4 955 BE - Help!!-

hi all , and first of all i want to thank you for your help... im building a gaming pc, and my problem is with recognizing the difference between Core I7 920 and Phenom II X4 955. the core I7 has a lower clock set at 2.66Ghz but has a new arcitecture and uses DDR3. the AMD 955 BE has a higher clock set at 3.2Ghz and uses the AM3 socket and DDR3 as well. now the price is almost the same for the cpu ,and the rig will be built with a good Gigabyte motherboard (MA790FXT-UD5P for the 955, that has x16 x16, DDR3) (EX58-UD3R for the core i7 920, that also has a DDR3 Support and X16 X16 for both SLI and Crossfire). if its not a matter of money, what would you buy? a higher clocked cpu, that has a friendly overclocing utility (955BE) or an newer Core i7 with a lower clock? again this rig is mainly for games and gonna run either with 4890 or GTX 275. thank a lot guys...
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  1. If it isn't a matter of money, get the i7 for sure. The only reason to get the Phenom over the i7 is the considerable price difference.
  2. if its not a matter of money go wit the i7,,2360.html

    this review seems to be extreemly favorable to the i7^ but id trust this 1 more,v

    but if its not for gaming any review site will admit to the i7s prowess
  3. Well i've been with both Intel and AMD, and i have both. I would go with the AMD 955 BE since it can OC easily and in real world it is basically the same as the i7 and sometimes better in games, unless you OC the i7. Also if you go with AMD you will be able to easily upgrade in the future b/c AMD is big on backward compatibility. I am very pleased with my 955, w/o OC. I have a 295 GTX and together they're a good combo.

    The only reason high end people go with intel is because Intel dominated that part of the market for a while, but the 955 is basically AMD's comeback and getting back on track.

    And go with the MSI 790fx Gd70 mobo, its the best AM3 mobo so far in my opinion, also looks good =)

    And to Soldier37, is that new phenom you mentioned going to be able to replace a 955 if i already had one? Cause i'm just planning ahead for upgrades.
  4. As others have said, if it isnt a matter of money the i7 is better. I just got finished building an i7 920 rig for a friend and at stock settings it was trading blows with my Q9550 at 3.2ghz, but I was able to edge it out @ 3.4ghz. I OC'd his on stock voltage to 3.5ghz and it absolutely blew me away.

    It honestly through me for a loop, as I didnt expect to c the real world difference that I did over my CPU. I want one now, after building his, but I am sticking to my guns and keeping my Q9550 as I know it is good enough. I just need to get a new GPU again (my 4870 launch model died on me) and I will be good to go again. For now its back to my old 8800GTS 512mb.

    Nice pics as always soldier.


  5. It all comes down to how much coin you are wiling to spend... I have both and they are awesome but different in many ways.....

    If all you will do is game then go with AMD and save yourself some cash.....
  6. when i came to toms i had dialup, now im doing a little better, but what about the people who r still running dialup think about them, we no ur proud of ur rig, but the pics dont need to be there

    im talking to you soldier37
  7. xaira said:
    when i came to toms i had dialup, now im doing a little better, but what about the people who r still running dialup think about them, we no ur proud of ur rig, but the pics dont need to be there

    im talking to you soldier37

    Hahaha.... let him be in love with his AMD rig...........some-day you might want to show off your hardware.....
  8. dosent anyone read pii 965 will be 140w if going that route wait for a 125w revision, its amd, they made a 65w quad on 65nm before intel did it on 45nm, trust me a lower tdp is inevitable, wait
  9. Quote:
    Im very anti Intel always had AMD since I left behind the pent 2 400mhz 10 years ago. I get so tired of hearing i7 this and that. If you want the best bang for the buck you cant go wrong with the 955, better yet wait for the 965 BE @3.4 ghz coming real soon.

    BTW if you are gaming on that pc and you have a 5.1 surround sound card you should have the rear speakers in the rear and not all 5 up front.... Meaning you do not have the speakers in the correct position "IF" you are using them as " Surround".

    That setup is normally used for music only....Just an FYI.....
  10. Quote:
    Im very anti Intel always had AMD since I left behind the pent 2 400mhz 10 years ago. I get so tired of hearing i7 this and that. If you want the best bang for the buck you cant go wrong with the 955, better yet wait for the 965 BE @3.4 ghz coming real soon.

    You realize you are supporting my position. If money doesn't matter, i7 is the way to go. You specifically say the 955 is the best bang for the buck (and I agree to some degree, though a case could be made for the Q9550 @ $219), but that's counting money into the equation.
  11. I think any impartial recommendation for the best processor available now has to be the i7. So any "cost is no object" build should start with an i7. It simply wins every benchmark against every other consumer processor...and despite what some say, it DOES translate into real world performance.
  12. i say the best is dual LGA1366 Xeons

    for most people an i7 is the best desktop class cpu, though the PII 955 isn't too shabby either

    i view these questions as a matter of personal taste, kind of a get what you want thing
  13. You are playing games, there is really no reason for an i7 unless you play FSX.
  14. randomizer said:
    You are playing games, there is really no reason for an i7 unless you play FSX.

    Or if you do other things with your computer than games (especially memory bandwidth limited), or if you run SLI or CF, or if you just want the fastest setup available.
  15. He said he's building a PC mainly for games. If he is doing anything else he should list it. However, he did say "if it's not a matter of money," in which case i7 is ahead anyway.
  16. Soldier can you post some more pics mate.

    AMD just PM'd me to ask you.

    Seriously cjl is right if money is no problem but common sense says to recommend the AMD955 from an economic perspective ... at least if your buying a system with one or two high end graphics cards.

    Either way si fine but the Intel system is going to cost $150 more because of the extra stick of ram and the mobo ... all said and done.

    Hey, I'd go the i7 myself if Intel would send me some ES ... c'mon guys ... Iv'e recommended 7 Intel builds in 3 weeks now ... gimme some loving !!!
  17. doesn't imaging suffer with multiple speakers for the same channel?
  18. If money isn't a problem then i7 for sure. I remember about a week ago toms' had an article comparing i7 920 vs the PII 955 and they even gave the PII an advantage. They had similiar memory HD all that. and to make up the money difference between the 2 rigs they gave the PII two 4890 CF vs the I7's two 4870's CF and in nearly ever game the I7 came ahead by a considerable margin The PII even had a 3.7 ghz OC vs the moderate I7's 3.4. on a few the PII came ahead by a slim margin. I have an I7 rig, my first real rig and me a complete noob at OC got a 3.6ghz stable no problem. So the I7 vs comparable PII rig in be faster the majority of games and when you occasionally use it for whatever else, you'll see where the I7 hands down crushes the PII
  19. i would get the i7 for sure even if amd has more mhz overclocking is not a problem
  20. Would you guys recommend the Phenom II 955 or the Core i7 920 for someone (me :D) who plans to use the same comp atleast for the next 5 years? During the next 5 years the only upgrade will be the GPU, that too only if it dies within 5 years or if my current CRT monitor dies and I have to purchase a Full HD LCD monitor.

    I know that currently I can't go wrong with the performance of either processor. But I'm looking at the performance after 4-5 years...or in the 4th-5th year because I'm not someone who frequently upgrades their comp. So at the end of the 4th year, I'd like to have a comp that doesn't drag as slow as my current comp (7 years+, p4 1.6Ghz, 133Mhz 512MB SDRAM, 5400rpm IDE HDD :sleep: ).

    I know the Phenom II 955 will save me a lot of money right now but it won't matter if it will be too slow to work with in the 4th-5th year of purchase. I think the Core i7 920 would atleast give me some performance headroom to work with 5 years into the future but I'm unsure about the same for the Phenom II x4 955. For eg. with my current comp, if I open MS word 2007, I have to wait a good 1min+ before it loads and my processor is at a 100% at that time. I'd like to avoid a repeat of this situation in the future.

    Below are the two configs I'm looking at:

    Core i7 920
    Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5
    GSkill 3 x 2GB 1333Mhz DDR3 7-7-7-something

    Phenom II X4 955
    Gigabyte GA-MA790GP-UD4H
    GSkill 2 x 2GB 800Mhz DDR2 5-5-5-something

    640GB WD Caviar Blue
    Corsair TX750W

    GPU - If I go ahead with the Core i7, I think a 9600GT would be enough as my monitor only supports a maximum resolution of 1280x1024 and I don't mind gaming at even lower resolutions. If I go with the Phenom II, I may not even get the 9600GT as the GA-MA790GP-UDH has an IGP which should be enough for my CRT monitor. If I need to buy a Full HD LCD monitor in the future then for that I'll get a corresponding GPU at that point in time.

    I know that in today's date, both these system's are more than enough for any/all of my computing needs. But do you think 4-5 years from now:

    1. Would a Phenom II 955 system still be good enough for general usage? (does not include gaming)

    2. Or would a Core i7 920 system's performance feel just the same as a Phenom II 955's? (if so then I might as well save some money today by purchasing a Phenom II 955)
  21. bro, both are very good, but if money is an issue, AMD 955 is advised.

    Money isnt an issue, Intel 920 hands down. no other CPU is in its class; it OC's significantly higher even on a stock fan and voltage; and with proper equipment and setup it goes to 4 - 4.2 easily.

    Also, the AMD can't beat it clock-for-clock.

    4 processors; 8 threads; fastest QPI/FSB/HT. Here's a Tom article.,2360-5.html
  22. you just can't beat an i7 920 with a nice Heatsink OC'ed to 4GHz+
  23. amd will always remain in 2nd place and intel processors will always be overpriced, if u want maxmimum performance save up n some $$$ and get an intel rig otherwise if u wanna save some $$ and stay in 2nd place go with the amd
  24. considering you can get really close to the i7 for loads less id say its all about how many fps at what settings? whats youre preferred fps at max detail etc?

    if youre building a gaming rig you need to design around what you like from a game or the experience. My rig does well enough for me but I dont game much. And if I do I am prepared to compromise certain aesthetic aspects like bump mapping and etc because games arent quite where id like them to be in realism.

    When they get uber realistic you can bet ill want mass power. You should just get a mental picture of what you like in gaming and nail down everything to the last detail and then build.

    If you like all the eye candy and want serious fps potential do the i7 , if smooth gameplay rather than fps as a penile replacement on the web is your ideal consider the amd offering at the top end.
  25. What's your opinion about this guys?..
  26. nice numbers
  27. Who dug up this old thread? Anyway, get AMD Phenom II 955/65.
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