I7 920 Build - any thoughts?

Hello all,I'm going to build a new rig as follows:

- Intel Core i7 920
-Gigabyte GA-EX58UD4P
-G.Skill\OCZ 6x2GB DDR3 1600Mhz CL7
-Sparkle GTX275
-W.D. 1TB Black
-Corsair TX650
-Antec 902

any suggestions or insights will be more than welcomed.

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  1. Looks to be a pretty good build. Few things that might help us help you. What are your plans for this computer? Work/Games/Vidoe ect...

    First obersations: Any reason why you picked the Antec 902 vs the Antec 900 . Its a bit cheaper and is basically the same design?
  2. hey Kubes,the main use of the computer will be games,and general use (I'm pretty heavy on multitasking though).
    I've opted for the 902 because it's not that much pricyer where I live (newer=better right? ;-) ).
    I'm not a SLI\CF fan,as I think it's a waist of money.so no need for a different PSU.
  3. I don't know the price you are planning on getting the antec 902 but @ newegg its $160 where the 900 is only $110. My personal opipion is it is not worth the $50 preium for it. Your call though. Could maybe put that extra $50 bucks towards a gtx280/gtx285.

    Other than that one key concern I really don't have much else to say about your build.
  4. Kubes,where I live,the difference is about 25$...
    and as for the GTX285...I'm allready streching my wallet...
  5. or get a 4890 and oc 10% to GTX 285 performance.
  6. Helloworld_98,I've decided to go with the GTX275 because of the reasons written here: http://www.bit-tech.net/hardware/graphics/2009/04/03/radeon-hd-4890-vs-geforce-gtx-275/18

    but basically,they're comparable...
  7. note that the 4890 can outdo a GTX 285 when oc'd which the GTX 275 can't.
  8. I stand behind the idea that the case isn't even worth the extra 25 bucks. If your buying it for cosmetic reasons that's fine, but for preformance wise there's no real different between the 900 and 902. Unless your buying it for cosmetic reasons and due to you being on a tight budget there's really no point in the 902.
  9. if I'm not mistaken the 900 doesn't come with dust filters wich is a MUST for me.
  10. Why not start with 3X2GB?
  11. it was a typo....I meant 3X2GB
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