When will the maximus iv extreme be on newegg?

when will the maximus iv extreme be on newegg?
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  1. sry this is a stupid question... its anyone's guess. i hope the 10th
  2. When Asus releases it
  3. Quote:
    It's a Soft Launch for the Maximus and Sabertooth. EVGA didn't even release there P67 boards yet.. Sad

    EVGA sent me an e-mail on January 6th with the subject line "EVGA: The P67 Motherboard is here!"

    EVGA P67 SLI
    PART NUMBER: 130-SB-E675-KR
    MSRP: $199.99

    I haven't seen it on Newegg's website yet.

    The EVGA P67 Classified isn't available yet.
  4. i have the rest of the system ready... i even ordered the cpu (2600k)

    i think the first batch will be better than the next few so reviewers can hype up the OC abilities.

    im saying intel will probably pay more attention to making this a good batch.

    just hope the maximus iv bios problems are solved... and it is released soon!!!
  5. yeaaaa!
  6. sry i usually don't check the PMs do you think they will have stock soon
  7. Quote:
    I pm'd you before. They sold out in an hour and a half

    thanks though :D
  8. Does anyone remember how much it was selling for before they sold out then yanked it because of the Sata issues? I am trying to price out a 2600k build... ty in advance !
  9. Quote:

    ok ty :) I saw this price on other sites but I did not know if that reflected changes due to the recall. For example I imagine they are a bit harder to get now thus maybe raising the price. OR because of the recall I figured maybe some people would be looking to get rid of some.
  10. o my word..this thread is still alive? maximus iv sucks! overpriced for what reason? for pretty red and black paint? if your gonna spend that much money you might as well wait for lga 2011 or get a rampage 3 on the x58 platform for better performance
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