Asus GTS 250 DK or Leadtek GTX260+ Extreme

Hey guys

I hope u guys can help me choose...

i have a Q6600 oc @ 3.2ghz with AC Freezer Extreme, 2GB ram, Asus 8800GT, 750 watt corsair psu, asus p5n-d motherboard, Antec P180 case and a 24" LCD monitor.

i want to upgrade my graphics card, well not really upgrading coz my friend wants to buy my 8800GT and i agree to it then i can get a new graphics card because i do alot of gaming =] and since i sold my 17" LCD my 8800GT does lag in some games wen i play on max reso 1920x1200 and high graphics on my 24"

i live in aus, here are the prices that im looking towards. im also on a tight budget.

Asus GTS 250 512mb - $250
Asus GTS 250 1GB or 512mb TOP -$ 270
Leadtek GTX260+ EXTREME with 216sp - $315

I like the asus Dark Knight design and cooling but the GTX260+ has so much more performace (from reading reviews) and yes i do plan on going sli in the future wen i get the money. i would get other brands for GTX260 but the prices range from 300 to 450. And im not really interested in ATI cards atm coz they get really HOT (4850 / 4870).

Thanks for your replys =]
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  1. Best bet is the GTX260, but you may have problems sourcing a second card if you wait too long to go SLI.
    The GTS250 1Gb is not really fast enough to justify the expense, being just a development of the 9800, which was, in turn, a development of the 8800 series.
    See here;,review-31554-6.html
  2. so im better off getting the GTX 260+ ?

    i wonder if there is any GTX 260+ that doesnt use the stock Nivida Heatsink?
  3. I have only seen non-reference coolers from MSI and availability varies from country to country, sorry, time to start trolling through the 'net!
  4. oh okai then

    so i should get the Leadtek GTX260+ over the Asus GTS250 DK right?

    i saw a zotac GTX260,2 AMP highly overclocked but highly pricey $465 =[
  5. Sorry mate, but the GTS250 is not going to be a worthwhile upgrade, recheck the link I posted earlier to confirm.
    Then best I can come up with now is to get a stock GTX260 and get into overclocking yourself but I think you will be surprised as to how well it will cope at your resoloution, even at stock speeds.
    One last point, check the GTX275 as well, it may fall into your price range and is even faster than the GTX260 but from cold, damp England I do n't know the prices in sunny Australia:)
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