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Hello everybody i need help with a design for a waterblock for cooling my i3 i have all the materials i need acrylic + copper and a drill press thx for any advice :bounce:
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  1. I suggest you buy the water block, I know you can save a lot of money building your self, but if your don't do it in the correct way your components will dead as soon as you use it.
  2. Id only consider building a water block if you have access to a milling machine.

    Surface area inside the block is critical . It cant just be a hollow chamber or it wont transfer hat to the water effectively .
    Leave fins internally that dont impede water flow .

    After you have completed everything else is the time to lap and polish the contact face to the cpu
  3. ^Yes. Shadow703793 (in this forum) has already gone this route. You are going to need more than just a drill press...you will need a milling machine.


    1. Why do you want to make your own? Do current blocks not work well for you or do you just want to try and see how you do?

    2. Have you done research into the design properties of a waterblock, especially for a CPU? There are specific reasons they are designed (internally) as they are.
  4. Just made a new gpu water block, modeled after the heatkiller 3.0 and yes i do have access to a cnc milling machine, i will post pictures tommrow.
  5. Thanks for the help guys, i just got advice from a friend and showed me a good design sorry i didnt reply back.
  6. Curious to see the pics and some testing to see how it performs.
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