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I just updated my video card from a NVIDIA 8600gt to a NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT 1GB DDR2 PCI Express Graphics and upgraded my ram to 4 gigs. After installing I have not noticed a great jump in my FPS. In fact it stayed about the same. I have turned off the vertical sync in game and the card has it turned off as installed. The question I have,was this a good enough upgrade over my old card to expect an improvement or could it be my overall system? Please be kind as I am a noob when it comes to computers and the interworkings thereof.
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  1. The upgrade is, in fact a downgrade:,review-31554-6.html

    Do n't feel too bad about it, most of us have done something similar, the lesson is: Do your research.
    Please give us the rest of your specs: Processor, monitor resoloution and power supply (make, model and if you can find it output on the 12v line or lines) and we can help you make a more informed decision.
  2. Thank you for your help. The system I currently have is a Velocity Micro, model Pro Magix EQU045 with an Intell R Core DM 20 cpu, e6550@2.33ghz with 4.0gd. 32 bit operating system. Operating system is windows Vista. I hope this is the information you needed and look forward to your thoughts.
  3. Just one more thing, I use this to primarily run World of Warcraft WOTLK. I am not a huge gamer but like to ensure I have the best experience I can with the system I currently have.
  4. Best value at the moment is the HD4770 which is on the Egg for $90 with rebates or the HD4670, which is slower, but still a big upgrade for under $60, again with rebates on the Egg.
    The HD4770 is not on the chart I linked to, but it falls between the 4830 and 4850.
  5. Here are all the specifics to my curent machine. Sorry about not having this information earlier.

    Model: Velocity Micro E2045
    Processor: Intell Core 2 Duo CPU E6550 @ 2.33GHz 2.33 GHz\
    Memory (RAM): 4.00 GB
    System Type: 32 Bit
    Operting System: Windows Vista
    Monitor resolution: 1280 X 1024
    Power supply: Unsure :(

    I bought this system at best buy less than a year ago and would just like to get the FPS up. It currently running at 26fps with high FPS around 100. I am not sure why I have such huge swings but I am willing to buy the best video card anywhere from $150-300, if the price justifys the upgrade. I appreciate your input.
  6. Get the 4770, it is a bit much for that resoloution but has a longer future than a HD4670.
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