RevoDrive on Gigabyte P45 - TURN OFF USB3

I was having all kinds of problems installing my new Revodrive as the boot
drive until I turned off the USB3 controller. Turns out on my
GA-EP45T-USB3P board, the USB3 controller uses some of the
bandwidth that would normally go to the second (x8) full
length PCI3 slot. This made everything very 'wanky', the mouse and
keyboard would disappear during Windows installation, etc.
Turning off the USB3 chip, everything was smooth, and basic
installation was done is about 10 minutes.
This may be true for many boards with USB3 and the P45 chip;
check to see if any of the onboard stuff (USB3, add in RAID ports, etc.)
are on the PCIe bus.
I'm not done yet, so questions are pointless.
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  1. The fact that Revodrive uses a PCI-X->PCI-e bridge chip may have something to do with it. And Silicon Image BIOS firmware may also cause some weird bugs, i've experienced that in the past as well when using normal Silicon Image addon cards.

    Nice to hear it's working for you now!
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