AMD Phenom II X4 Black Edition 965

I know it's probably been discussed a lot by now, since this is quite a bought CPU, but anyway.
I've got it at 19x Multiplier (3.8ghz) and is unable to push it any further without a BSOD.
I've got the Cooler Master Freezer Xtreme Rev. 2 CPU cooler.
The voltage is set to auto.

Wondering if I by any chance can get this higher somehow?

Any help is appreciated! :wahoo:
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  1. By the way, the motherboard is an Asus Crosshair III
  2. You may be able to get it higher. but you may have to set the voltage manually to get there. Does it bluescreen under load or just idling?
  3. It happens whenever I try to do something with the CPU, like playing games or such.

    How much voltage would I try to give it first to get over the 3.8ghz?
  4. Ok, well, it's hard to say as each chip is different. Like on my 955, I can hit 3.8Ghz with 1.4125 volts. You can start around there and slowly work your way up. The Phenoms are well known to handle up to 1.5 volts, but that'd be the limit for air cooling.
  5. I can hit 3.8ghz at auto voltage...

    I think this is the max for my CPU, been fumbling around with it all day, and nothing really seems to work .. Havn't touched any MB clocks though..
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