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I had a problem long ago and therefore cant remember details, but... have a Seagate something something 160g, all i remember is that something went wrong and put the HDD in a friends PC to format and reinstall XP, it wouldnt do anything. Next day i put it back im my PC and was able to make a partition of 100g and installed win 7 everything works fine, but still cant do anything with the partition, cant acces it it says needs to be formatted, cant format either, 7 months down the line i need the space.

1) What's the cause?
2) How can it be fixed?

Thanks for your time and in advance for your help
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  1. Disk manufacturers offer free HDD tools on their websites. go to Seagate's site and see if there is such a tool there that you could use on that HDD.
  2. Thanks, its so obviuos to try there, didnt even think of it. Ok, im downloading Seatools and DiskWizard come back to you on that, as for the sight (Seagate) I learned quite a bit, thanks.
  3. I used a program called seatools for DOS (check and repair sectors), it found 15 errors and the test returned "failed", so it cant fix the HHD, but very good program to use.
  4. You're welcome, sorry to hear that the disk is out.
  5. na its ok and something good came out of this..... I learnt :D
    Thanks again
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