Do I need thermal paste/compound?

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  1. install HSF need thermal paste !

    Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound is the best

    IC Diamond 7 Karat
    Arctic Alumina (Premium Ceramic Thermal
    Arctic Silver Matrix
    TX-2 High Performance Thermal Compound

    or more :
  2. IC Diamond is better, I know I use it and my temps dropped almost 10 degrees Celcius over arctic silver
  3. You must use thermal compound it is critical in obtaining good temperatures for your CPU without it your processor will overheat.
  4. agree..
  5. Yes, Top Dog i Shin Etsu ....Check AS5's web site ... it requires a 200 hour cure time.....If I ahd to hold each build for 200 hours before I tuned in the OC's the peeps I was building for would be living at my house.
  6. You shouldn't need to purchase extra thermal paste. There should be some supplied with heatsink, see the tube here

    Arctic silver or similar will probably be slightly better quality and may drop a few degrees but you won't need it.
  7. You can use the provided paste with the CPU cooler that comes boxed with the CPU. However, I've always cleaned that off and used my own TIM and installed the'll net a little cooler temps this way.
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