Should I get an SSD?

I know this is a very subjective question, so its not really an answer I'm looking for as much as it is opinions.

I'm intending to get a 40/60 GB SSD. However, I don't think I'll set it as my boot drive. I only reboot my PC about once a week, and it just remains on all the time, so I don't really care about booting any faster. However, does having the OS on the SSD have any other advantages apart from booting?

My primary use is gaming, net browsing and watching movies / music. Would having the SSD as my Install directory be a good upgrade?
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  1. I figure putting your OS on the SSD would make it more responsive overall. I'm not sure if it'd offer any speedup for games (consensus is very little, at most) - do some games rely on OS components so heavily that faster loading of those has an impact?

    Putting your primary games on a fast SSD certainly speeds up loading. If a lot of your gaming time is spent on loading levels, SSD can help with that.

    If you browse a few threads about the subject you can get the answers above and then some :)
  2. Use the SSD as a boot drive.

    When you browse the internet and do many other mundane tasks, the OS will do many small reads and writes; a task the SSD excels at.

    For games, you might get some benefit when writing checkpoints.

    Your system will feel snappier.
  3. The SSD will make things start up faster (assuming they're on the SSD), but for the most part it doesn't help programs go any faster once they're loaded and running. That's why the advice is always to use the SSD to hold the OS and your programs.

    Only a few types of programs that do heavy disk access will run faster with an SSD - typically things like video editors or batch editing of large image files.
  4. If you're not taking advantage of the ssd for your boot drive due to space limitations I would suggest waiting for the 25nm nand drives to hit the market in early 2011. Price/GB should come down but I expect performance will plateau. With that in mind you might get a reasonably priced 256GB drive that can do most anything you need... including boot.
  5. hello xbonez,
    SSD is quite faster than SATA.
    Hard disk is usually neglected in the gaming but the performance of the games also depends on the hard disk to some extent.
    In term of gaming n downloading data from the net it will be a very good option.
    Means in every aspect related to Hard disk.SSD is the best.
    if u can easily afford it then go for it.
    It will provide u lots of advantages over SATA.
  6. Not a gamer either, but I just installed the Crucial SSDReal 64GB SSD drive yesterday after trying and returning the low-end OCZ and mid-end Intel X25 SSD and it is really fast. Win7 x64 boot times on a fresh install is approximately 16 secs and the 350MB/s read speed is definitely a sigifnicant advantage. The Win7 x64 boot times of the other 2 SSD drives were approximately 30-45 secs.

    The Crucial SSDReal 128 and 256GB SSD drives have significantly faster write times, too, for more benjamins, but I felt the 64GB's slower write times and lower price (~$130 w/ shipping) was a fair trade off.

    After doing an install with Win7 x64 updates, I still have approx 24GB left, which is plenty for any games or frequently used programs. I started with a 30GB OCZ SSD drive, but had a hard time putting everything on there that I wanted.
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