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Three years ago I put together a core duo 6600 system with an Asus P5B deluxe MB and 2 gigs of G.Skill PC2 6400 RAM -After assembly it booted right up without any need to tinker with the bios- It has functioned well for all that time -

I recently wanted to upgrade to a quad core 9300 CPU - In order to do that I needed to updgrade my Bios to 1238 which supports that chip. - I followed the instructions to the letter, including setting the MB to defaults (F5) fter the upgrade and then after shutting down, turning off the power for a minute.The chip change was of course no biggie-BUT now - The system on boot freezes at the bios sign on screen, if I disconnect the power for a minute it will then boot and give an error message that "overclocking has failed" (I have never overclocked anything). I can then continue the boot even so (f2) or (F1) pop into the bios. When I shut down and reboot - it again freezes at the bios menu again until I shut down again and disconnect power for a minute- I can then boot into the bios or Windows

I never checked the memory settings pre bios upgrade since I didnt have to do anything when I assembled the system (I copied the other settings down before the bios upgrade)

I have noticed this:

My Bios after multiple resets to default, reports

Configure Dram by SPD - enable

CAS# lat -5
RAS to CAS delay 6
RAS Precharge 6
RAS activate to precharge 15
Write recovery 6
DRAM tRRd 10
Rank write to read delay 10
Read to precharge delay 10
Write to precharge delay 1
Static read

CPU ID (after a successful boot) reports
CAS Latency 4
RAS-CAS# delay trcd 4
RAS#Precharge trp 4
cycle time tRAS 10
command rate 2t

4 5
4 5
4 5
10 15
14 21

I suspect my default memory timings are now being set wrong by the bios at boot. Am I right??

I have never messed with the bios- What do I do to fix this?? Do you need more info to help me figure this out?

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  1. The Q9300 FSB is 1333 and your motherboards support FSB is 1066

    Be careful. If a motherboard‘s documentation indicates a limit of 1066MHz, it may indeed only support 1066MHz, NOT 1333MHz. Sometimes firmware updates are available that add support for 1333MHz, but not always. And even then, you may need to have 1066MHz processor to apply that firmware update if it doesn't ship w/ that firmware installed.
  2. The firmware update that started this was specifically to support the QC9300- I'm hoping that the issue is only the bios failure to reset and recognize my current memory settings (it seems that the settings are different from the memory timings that are in CPUID) - but I have no experience in this and a bit ignorant here.

    Any help appreciated

  3. Go into the BIOS and make sure both your CPU and memory settings are set to AUTO or DEFAULT. You want to have no manual settings. Let the mobo negotiate the speeds and see if it will resolve the issue.

    Good luck!
  4. The new firmware flash bios that i installed supports q9300 and FSB of 1333. Does changing the FSB (its now 1333 on boot, change my memory timings, and is that why I get the bios error - "overclocking failed..". my memory timings were JDEC#1 and now seem to be JDEC#2 (or close) -- (see above) -- If thats the problem what can I do about it (do I have to replace the memory with 1333 DDR2?), reflashing the bios has not helped, nor has pulling the battery and reseting the bios??

  5. One more question - why do I get a sucessful boot once after I disconnect the power, but then fail to boot when I reboot? (even if I save bios settings?)

  6. Seems like your BIOS (1238 is required, true, but it is a beta release) is "confused". I am darn near positive, from the failed overclock message, that your system is confused on either the memory timings or the FSB settings.

    I am also concerned with a comment found on this page on Asus' website, in spite of the CPU support list, "Compatible with all FSB1333/1066/800/533MHz CPUs except Quad Core"

    Regardless, Q9300 support seems to have been added in the 1231 BIOS beta release. You might try using that specific version (you can get at the same site listed above).

    Also, the memory speed settings and the CPU's FSB speed are really 2 different things and can be managed independently. Are you running default/auto settings now or have you been tinkering with manual settings?
  7. Have not tinkered with bios settings - just resetting over and over again- Will certainly try 1231

  8. your bios fail... you need upgrade motherboard (New Mobo support FSB 1333) or come back to old CPU because your mobo not support FSB 1333.
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