I chose Vista Ultimate 64 bit OEM, is that a good thing?

I chose Vista Ultimate 64 bit OEM for my new build.
It lists as a few $US more than the Business and Home Premium for a non OEM version on Microsoft's site.
Some people say Ultimate is a waste and is bloated.
What are the downsides of Ultimate and am I able to confiure the install in such a way as to avoid some of the "junk"?
I figure at least when Windows 7 is available I will be able to upgrade to the top version of 7 from Ultimate at least.
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  1. I wouldn't call Ultimate "bloated". It does offer a few more features, but you don't have to install or use most of them. Here's a link that compares the different versions of Vista:

  2. If you are gonna pay for your license at least dont buy into their bullshit crap. Get the cheapest version of vista x64 it will work exactly the same.
  3. IMO, the only thing that would warrant the use of Vista Ultimate is if you use your PC for both gaming and word. Ultimate is just Home Premium + the missing Business features.
  4. Agreed - Ultimate is Business + Home.

    I have it because I got it for dirt cheap as a student.

    I would suggest 64 bit home premium for most, or wait for Windows 7.
  5. I wish I had gone with ultimate... I need the ability to run virtual pc and virtual server for some labs that i have for exchange 2007. I have to create VM's using vmware and virtualbox... that doesn't work for the labs i already have.

    Also no version of vista except for business and ultimate allow for domain membership which I also wish I had.

    If your just using it for gaming though, then home premium would have been fine.
  6. I'd like to add that I think only the Business and Ultimate license allow for Vista deployment in VMs. It will work with other versions (I think, never tried), but legally speaking you shouldn't use it in that context.

    However, those are mostly work/corporate cases so yes they would warrant Business or Ultimate.
  7. Well, buisness is good if you need to deploy VMs and join domains, but it doesn't have the media center feature. If you want media center, go with home premium. If you want it all, then there's ultimate.
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