2500k only showing 1672.8 clock speed?

I"m not sure what's going on with my 2500k using the asus p8p67 pro mb.

After auto-tuning, my cpu frequency for all my cpus show 1673. However, under the turboV EVO settings, it shows under cpu ratio, 42 (I'm assuming that's the clock multiplier) with a 4394 mhz.

When I pull up cpu-z,, it shows my core speed at 1673.

What am I really running at? Even without ocing, how could it be so low?
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    When you ran CPU-Z was the CPU under load or was it at idle?

    If it was at idle the core clock is lowered so that it consumes less power.

    Try putting the CPU under load and then run CPU-Z and see if it shows a higher Core Speed.
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  3. wow...I feel dumb. lol.

    Thanks. It goes up to 4.5ghz.
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