Slot Fan for VGA Cooling here is the card I got after reading some good reviews on it.
HD 4770

I will OC this card as much as Catalyst lets me, but considering it does not directly blow air out of the case I dont want all that heat in my system.... Considering a i have an OCed AMD X2 6000 wich is already a mini heater.

I was considering getting a PCI Slot fan and slapping it UNDER the GPU in hopes to pull out some extra heat from under and around the card.

Has anyone tried this, or have any better suggestion?? :ange:
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  1. This is a common way of keeping cards cool, done it myself.
    The other way is to add a front fan to the case and/or a more powerful exhaust fan.

    Obvious point: do not put the slot fan too close or it will stop the card cooling fan from drawing cool air in;)
  2. Upgrading your case may be beneficial too.
  3. I decided that the inside of my case wasn't cool enough and was fed up of having my VGA fan on max all the timje when I was playing so I bought a £2 vga slot fan and it shed loads of my temps, made a real difference.

    I'd suggest not putting it right up against the vga leave a small gap for better air flow
  4. I have a Thermaltake slot cooler and... well, it works, and it's quiet. It takes up two expansion slots though, so make sure you have enough room for it.
  5. Wow, that's a nice looking slot cooler. I will have to remember that for my next build. I normally just go for the cheap single slot ones. The don't always last too long and they aren't always quiet, but they get the job done.
  6. @ ponchato,

    that looks nice, think i'll go with that lil bugger. Thanks all!

    @ravenware: Full tower 100% aluminum case.
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