Help me choose an AM3 Cooler, Rosewill Challenger Case, 890FXE Mobo

So, The title pretty well covers it. I have been doing research here on the forums and elsewhere trying to decide what cooler I want to go with.

It seems to me that I shouldn't have problems with most coolers but some will be too tall and some may be too wide.

The 890FXE has a huge heatsink on the northbridge. The rosewill challenger case isn't excessively wide but it's not super narrow either. I'm trying to find a good cooler that will fit with all of these factors in play.

If it makes a difference, I am also running G.Skills Ripjaws RAM which has heatsinks on it though they aren't huge.

Thanks in advance! Maybe someone who happens to be running the same combo could shed some light. I think the 890FXE and the Challenger fit into the same type of build bracket (budget) so I'd assume it is a fairly common combo.

Please feel free to advise me on fans for the coolers recommended as well. As of right now I'm planning on Yate Loon fans simply because of their extremely reasonable pricing and their abundance of favorable reviews.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. The case is 190mm in width... and it also accomodated side fans... with the side fan above the cooler you'll have a space of less than 140mm; without it'll be 160mm+... without the fan you can fit almost all coolers without a problem...

    GSkill Ripjaws also donot pose any problem to most coolers...

    Hyper 212+ should fit in if its blowing towards the northbridge... One cooler which has an excellent ground clearance is Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme available in frozencpu for $55...
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