How much force can a CPU take?

I bought an x4 955 and i had to use quite a bit of force to just to get the fan onto the bracket, im wondering can it now handle being locked into place?

I have put fans on before and i know they sometimes need a little bit of force to get in, but i used a lot of force just getting in on the bracket this time, can it handle being locked into place? how strong are they? will the motherboard bend before the processor breaks?

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  1. Yes ... the mobo will break before the bracket and the cpu will likely survive.

    Back when there was no IHS sitting on the silicon it was much easier to crack the cpu.

    I killed a 3200+ Barton once ... sob.

    Some AMD videos here for you to watch ... should help.,,30_2252_869_8819%5E6678,00.html#PGA

    Have fun.
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