EVGA X58 3X SLI and Corsair Dominator (3x2gb): Unstable @ 1600?

I'm having an impossible time getting this memory to run as advertised.

I've ran memtest86, comes back clean. I've updated BIOS, load XMP profile, set VDIMM to 1.65 (default) and CPU VTT to 1.35-1.4. I have no issues when it's at 1067 8-8-8-19 (default) but once I run XMP profile @ 8-8-8-24, 1600mhz w/ 1.65 VDIMM and 1.35-1.4 VTT I get lock ups with looping sound and random restarts. I haven't overclocked any other components and all my temps are well below normal. Any ideas where to go from here? Let me know if any more info is required.


i7 920
6GB Corsair Dominator (TR3X6G1600C8D) DDR3
GTX 295
TPQ 850w
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  1. No idea is this is new build or existing working sysem with new RAM.

    Regardless, start by resetting the BIOS to Optimal Defaults and start from there.

    Why not quit trying the XMP for now and try setting the specs manually.

    Start with 1066 @ 8-8-8-19 then test.
    Go to 1333 @ 9-9-9-24 and test
    Move to 1600 still @ 9's and test, then drop the timings.

    Set it to 1.65V manually, seems unlikely anything but 1.5V would be the true default.
  2. Check your manual for accepted memory configurations and see if you are using the correct slots for 3 modules. Also, if that does not solve the problem, try testing each module individually with Memtest from www.memtest.org and be sure to use the 4.0 version.
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