Coolermaster v8, m4n98td and X6 1090T Cooling

I have the Phenom II X6 1090T with the Asus M4N98TD Evo board that will be going inside of a Coolermaster CM Stacker 830 Nvidia Edition case and was wanting to know how well it will fit. i heard the cooler is huge but was also wanting to know how well it will cool that X6 1090T? I didnt see it listed on the compatibility list but see people using it for it. Also wanted to see if it takes up alot of room on that Mobo.
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  1. water cooler is good for your 1090 like H70 corsair
    see.. pic many people use water cooler for cases Coolermaster CM Stacker 830 Nvidia Edition : I hope this can give your idea

    and this comparison your cases :
  2. skip the V8 if you haven't bought it already... for that price go for Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme... better cooler for around $55 in or $65 in

    if you can spend a little more then i would recommend venomous X or megahalems (with atleast one decent fan)...
  3. Or else the cooler master Hyper Z600 if you can fit it!
  4. A passive cooler for a hexa core 125W 3.2Ghz cpu??? gotta be kidding me...
  5. Ok why Tuniq or the others over the v8? I know the v8 has 69.69 CFM and the Tuniq has 90 CFM but just curious as to why. Havent heard of tuniq hardly but just wanting to get something thats very very good at cooling for an AMD Phenom II X6 1090T processor ( Am3 Socket ) on an ASUS M4N98TD Evo Motherboard. Still waiting on MOBO to come in but got the processor already and heard it was really good. Not really an Intel Man (WAY to overpriced). For now ill be using the stock fan and heatsink that comes with it but ill end up replacing it with something else once i figure out what the best cooler is.

    Im halfway afraid of watercooling as ive hear horror stories on them. My cousin had a computer with watercooling at his work and came to work one day and it was fried cause the watercooler busted somehow.
  6. The V8 is the stone in the shoe for Coolermaster, get the Tuniq towe as abully says, or Titan Fenrir, Thermakright Venomus X, Megahalems, Mugen 2 Rev. B, NH-D14, Silver Arrow or Archon. Those are very good coolers and much betters that V8.

    Regarding the WC, if you don't need it don't install it. If your cousin's rig fried something was because he did something wrong.
  7. Ok Ill have to check out all those coolers as well and see which ones the best out of them all. Trying to find one that fits in my cm stacker 830 nvidia edition case good with the 4 fans on the door. Dont want to interfere with those.
  8. Here are the dimensions of the case and coolers.

    Case: (W) 250 x (H) 536 x (D) 638 mm
    Tuniq Tower: 112.31(W) × 150.7(H) x 131(L) mm
    Titan Fenrir: 107mm (W) x 156mm (H) x 124mm (D)
    Venomous X: 63mm (W) x 160mm (H) x 127mm (L)
    Megahalems Rev. B: 74mm (W) x 158.7mm (H) x 130mm (L)
    Mugen 2 Rev. B: 130 x 100 x 158 mm
    NH-D14: 140 mm (W) x 160 mm (H) x 158 mm (D)
    Silver arrow: 123mm (W) x 160mm (H) x 147mm (L)
    Archon: 53mm (w) x 170mm (H) x 155mm (L)

    Any of those coolers fit in your case.
  9. Its the higher the CFM the better correct? Thats what you really wanna look for correct?
  10. No, those are only the dimensions, the size doesn't mean all. The performance depends of material, heatpipes numbers and fan numbers that you can add, some of those coolers support 3 fans, so, the performance is excellent compared with cooler that only support one fan.
  11. I was looking at both the tuniq tower extreme and the Noctua NH-D14. Im just wanting to make sure that one of those cpu coolers with that huge heatsink and all will fit on my board with the ram positioned where it is and the two heatsinks that are mounted on the board from the factory. I dont wanna buy it and find out they dont fit on my board because the other components are in the way or something. I have the M4N98TD Evo board witht he amd AM3 x6 1090t processor and corsair XMS3 ram.
  12. Any of those fit in your mobo and the RAM isn't affected.
  13. Ok. right now ive been looking at the temps while idling for about a couple hours and its 40c ( 102F ) so far which is according to pc probe and Asus AI Suite both reading the same thing
  14. I recommend HWMonitor or Core temp to read your temps.
  15. running HW monitor says the same thing so far.
  16. What are the temps on load?
  17. not sure yet. havent tried playing a game or anything to put in under a load yet.
  18. saint19 said:
    What are the temps on load?

    I let Prime95 run for a few hours and it stayed around 52 C and never raised.
  19. Good temps.
  20. V6GT, the V6 isn't as good.
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