Need help to fix partialy deleted mbr

hey guys need help over here.Actually i have two hard disk , 1.150GB 2.500GB.My XP is in 2.The problem arised yesterday when i, by mistake started formatting a drive which is in 1,it contains MBR of that hard disk i canceled it as soon as i realized but lost two of my other drives which contained important documents.i know that the data is present in the drive but its inaccessible as the thread to it is deleted in my MBR.I need to retrieve that drives pz help me with it.
thanking you
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  1. The single most recommended recovery program here is Recuva.
    Read all about it, and download it free by clicking
  2. i need to recover my mbr (Master Boot Record) to get my threads back so i can recover the two drives. recuva is giving me an option to recover deleted files but not my MBR so pl suggest me what to do.
    thanking you
  3. You can try the Windows recovery console and hope it can fix the MBR using the Fix MBR command.
    This usually repairs a corrupted MBR and I don't know that it can make a new one accurately. If the drive has multiple partitions it will probably wipe out your partitions leaving you with one big drive and that is no assurance of getting your files back. Instructions are

    Recuva doesn't need an MBR to recover your files. That's what that program is all about, file recovery.
    The "raw" read it does allows files to be exported to a different drive.

    You goofed and now must go through the process of file recovery.

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