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I'm setting up a Raid 1 on two drives to store mainly photos and Video for my photography business .The question is what drives to use ? Ive got 2 WD 2TB Black sitting here staring me in the face that I haven't installed yet because I'm thinking it might be a waste for simple storage. I'm using a 120GB SSD for OS and a 1TB Sata 3 6GB/s for main storage so wouldn't be installing any programs on the raid drives. Should I go with a cheaper blue or green model or stick with the black for the reliability?

thanks for taking a look at this
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  1. No reason to spend more money if you already have the blacks IMO. When I got my SSD I moved my 2 x 640GB Blacks that I used to have in RAID 0 to RAID 1 for storage.
  2. thanks for the response. I'm definitely not going to spend anymore money actually thinking of taking these back and getting a couple WD green HDD's for 1/2 the price ,just debating if i should stick with the Blacks for the better quality/performance. Anyone have issues with the greens failing a lot? Also read that the Blacks might not raid to well since they have TLER disabled
  3. If you can save money on greens then go for it. Just do not expect speed from them! They are 5400 RPM. You could take 1 Black back and keep 1 for storage unless you need more than 2 TB. You really don't need to RAID them since you already have a 1TB storage drive. Just back up to both and use them as JBOD.
    The new Blacks are really not supposed to RAID but I have not heard of anyone having real world problems doing it.
  4. Thanks a lot for the help anort3 , I think ill just take them back and go with a couple greens in Raid since they will only be used for photography business . the 1TB black has all my music,movies programs etc with a lot of space on it still ( but if i throw in the photos and video from business it would fill up fast ). I keep the 1TB backed up onto a external HD and put into a fire/water safe for a little extra safety. Thanks again
  5. Glad to help :)
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