M4a88td-v evo and phenom II x2 be ??

I just put together my first build and was wondering how to get some more power from my system.

1.) My motherboard has an on-board video card as well as i added a radeon hd4670, can i crossfire these and how?

2.)I unlocked the 3rd and 4th core on my phenom II x2 be and it passed the amd overdrive stability test, but when i did the auto overclock from the same software it blue screened me and turned off a core, should i leave it off and if i turn it back on what problems could come about?

3.) I've been trying to learn about overclocking but there is just so much info to take in, my ram is ddr3 1600 but in the reviews i've read it says by defult mobo's put ram at 1333, how do i change this and will it make a difference

4.) my core temp idle's around 30C but when running computer test like prime 95 or a max load stability test is rises to about 56C, is this something i should worry about, and what would be my most cost effective solution.(i just have the stock paste and heatsink on it)

M4A88TD-V evo/usb3
Phenom II X2 BE (unlocked to x4)
g-skill ripjaws DDR3 1600 2x2 Gb
WD Caviar Blue 500gb (recertified)passed extended lifeguard test*
Radeon hd 4670
raidmax 630w psu
rosewill challenger case
Lg dvd burner
windows 7

here are the rest of my computer components if this helps out
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  1. Hi!!

    I've got the same mobo as you!

    Q1: There is a setting in bios called hybrid crossfire. You should read up on it in the manual for your mobo. I'm not certain which cards it supports but if I remember right it supports for the HD 4xxx series so yes believe you could crossfire it. Although I beleive that the extra power you get is limited and probably will eat up you ram.

    Q2: Download a program called prime95. It is free and probably one of the best stress test programs out there. Also download HWMonitor to keep an eye on your temps the first 10 min into the stress test to see that core don't exceed 65C. Since you have the BE edition cpu, you can easily oc it in bios bu just upping the multiplier from 15 to 15.5 then to 16. Do a prime run of about 30 mins after each bumb and when your'e failing try up the vcore voltage a bit. Bios oc is much better than software oc like overdrive since overdrive tends to set the voltages higher than you actually need. Leave it @ stock speeds and do a prime test for min 2 hours with all 4 cores to check if it is stable. PS: when running prime check that Cool'n'Quite is off in bios.

    Q3: Yes it is automatic set to 1333MHz. Go into bios and set it default to 1600MHz.

    Q4: 56C is not to worry about. When temps reach 60C-65C you should be aware. I would recommend to buy an aftermarket cooler if you want to oc a bit. Heat is allways the main enemy. A cost effective sollution would be the one that I got. It is an CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Plus, you can get it at newsegg for 29$ last I checked. A more expensive sollution would be the Noctua DH-N14 @ 89$ I think.
  2. Hi.

    1- Hybrid Crossfire like matta85 says.
    2- Agree with matta85, AMD stability test isn't good. Download prime95, LinX, OCCT or y-cruncher (I prefer this) for at least two hours. Disable Cool'n'quite and C1E support.
    3- You probably will need change the timings of the RAM, and test stability too. Use memtest ¡86+ or any of the above programs.
    4- Keep you eyes in the temps at the end of stability test, if you go above 55ºC (55ºC-57ºC) you could have problems when you try to overclock.
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