I have a HP NC6000 laptop, 1.6 ghz pentium M. It has a 60 gb HDD, WIN XP pro. I have decided to upgrade to a SSD. I purchased an 16gb Supertalent (EX2 IDE MLC) that I would like to install a fresh XP install, then use the HDD for storage and file backup. The manufacturer says " upon install of the SSD the BIOS sign on message apperars and displays a key sequence to enter the BIOS setup. Sut up the BIOS to recognize the SSD"

I get a Failed to boot
sxe e61 media test failure check cable network

then it goes to NTLDR is missing.

What may be happening? Is there a better way to install the OS on the SSD?

Thanks in advance for your help. KEITH
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  1. Problem was solve by installing "BOOTIT" NG from Ultimate Boot CD by narod.
  2. Yea, without TRIM options the SSD loaded up bad. I wanted to use it in the laptop as a speed experiment and the price was right on the 16gb. I wanted to put the OS on it and used the second Drive(HDD) for storage onboard. I think now I will use the on my desktop and dedicate it to just the OS, but it has plenty of speed already and the gain would be minor so I think I'll Ebay the SSD and upgrade to a larger one, I like the performance of SSD but I can wait for the price curve a little.
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