2nd harddrive very slow to access - not sure why

My cpu used to run from a single 1tb HDD. I added a second HDD ... cloned my original drive to the new one ... then changed my old drive to act as a basic storage device ( less than 5% of it used currently ). Ever since doing this, my primary drive ( new one ) works great and is super fast - but my second drive is very slow to access any file or information after rebooting or coming out of sleep for the first time. If I click an .mp3 or any other type of file, it takes about 5-7 seconds to access it. Once I've engaged the second drive once, it functions normally ( until next sleep or reboot ) - but it is always slow the first time I go to it after reboot or coming out of sleep mode.

This doesn't seem right. Anyone have any suggestions on what it might be?
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    You don't say what OS you are using, but it sounds like it could be a power magement setting. i.e. the 2nd hd is unpowered until you try to acces it.
    If you are using windows try the power options in control panel.
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