2048x1152 Weird...

Hello all.

I am using a 32'' hdtv with a native res of 1024x768 16:9
I found out the highest version of 16:9 i could use is 2048x1152 w/ gtx 285

After much tweaking in the nvidia control panel with custom resolutions, I achieved this res on my desktop, fallout 3, and crysis all perfectly scaled to fit the screen and it looked breathtaking. had to change some settings in the falloutprefs file to get it at that res but crysis recognized it.

when i first started tweaking my display ld get the resolution i wanted but had to play in windowed mode, or part of the screen chopped off. Then one time I loaded fallout 3, and it was perfectly scaled. When i exited fallout 3, i noticed my desktop was scalled just right also, and crysis loaded up the same way, i was baffled but really happy to have 2048 1152 finaly positioned right.

A day or two later I droped the res back down for Internet explorer, brought it back up for gaming then bam the mysterious "auto" scaling was gone. Ive been troubleshooting the heck out of this and cant get the gaming experience back.

Nvidia control panel has an positioning option were you adjust drawbars to get the hidth and width right, but only allows me the option when I use the hdmiport on my tv rather than dvi. I would do this, but when I do there is significant ghosting and i can only get a refresh rate of 30 @ 2048 1152

Is there a scaling program that can condense high resolutions of the same aspect ratio down to the displays native?

I know its possible because i had it not to long ago, just weird that it reverted back.

any tips or tricks would be kick ass, willing to try anything i like troubleshooting, but always seems i learn the hard way.
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  1. native rez is 1024x768?? plasma tv? with non square pixels
    You sure it's not

    1248×702 is also sometimes can be used

    Most times to prevent ghosting set it to Vertial sync on.
  2. Hi, this is bhs13501, was getting erros had to create a new account

    yeah its 1024x768 and 2048x1152 can fit on this thing just need to figure out how to scale and move the display around, monitor settings cannot do that.

    Somone here has gota know how to scale a large resolution down to fit a display of the same aspect ratio, seems simple really, i dont know why i cant find software for this
  3. I realize that this thread is old, but I thought I should clarify things for new folks trying to get their TV to work.
    Resolution: a 1080p TV works best with content at 1920x1080. a 720p TV works best with content at 1280x720. Using any other resolution is a bad plan.

    Web Browsing: DO NOT change resolution on your TV to browse the web in bad browsers, just use FF or chrome with the page scaled up.

    'Missing' the screen of a TV: Your video drivers are responsible for providing this functionality. I know that Intel provides this.
  4. you DO realize that the thread opener asked for something COMPLETELY different.
    Did you even READ his question?

    I accidentally bumped into this thread while searching for a review and can say I have tried those things myself without much luck of course so i can see where the OP is coming from in asking about scaling etc. - which IS possible and if someone wants to do it, why would you barge in stating its a "bad idea"? there's nothing "bad" about it if one can get it to work.

    hopefully OP found his answer but clearly you need to start to learn to read before writing.

    /end rage.
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