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Old Mobo dead, need a new one

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October 3, 2009 2:49:09 PM


A couple of days ago my computer just sorta died. It worked fine in the evening and then the next morning it wouldn't boot. Now i have tried to locate the problem and I'm fairly sure it's the mobo or the cpu.

The problem:
When I hold the power button on, the LEDs on my gfx card lights up, the light on my cabinet lights on, and my HDD sounds like it makes a half-spin :) 
However after a few seconds of holding the powerbutton on the whole thing just turns off.

I hard-reset the mobo, but the only thing it did was to make the problem i described before become automatic, ie. it constantly tries to boot and i can only turn it off with the psu powerbutton. I never get into the bios.

I have also tried with another PSU and that didn't work either.

My Rig:
Mobo: P5B, Intel P965, LGA775
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600, LGA775
PSU: SeaSonic S12 PSU, 500Watt
RAM: 2x Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400C4

So what I need is a recommendation of a similar mobo and/or perhaps someone can shed a bit of light on my problem :) 

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October 3, 2009 6:15:40 PM

Will take a look.

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October 3, 2009 6:31:55 PM

I have a similar problem, I have a gigabyte 965p s3, i need some recommendations on what to repace it with, i got a e7300 in it.
October 3, 2009 6:39:53 PM

jsc said:
New build checklist and troubleshooting ideas:

May not be your motherboard.

So i tried doing this:
"Pull everything except the CPU and HSF. Boot. You should hear a series of long single beeps indicating memory problems. Silence here indicates, in probable order, a bad PSU, motherboard, or CPU - or a bad installation where something is shorting and shutting down the PSU.

pulled everything out except the cpu and fan. I do get some beeps but they are very faint, and it just keeps beeping it doesn't stop. I also switched the RAM around (trying each stick in different slots) and that didn't change a thing...
October 8, 2009 12:09:14 AM

i thought my 965p s3 was dead but then i thought id try everything one last time after disconnecting and reconnecting everything i switched it on and it kept beeping and on screen it said plug in graphics card power cable, which i had accidently forgotten to plug in. I then switched it off, and plugged it in and it work again.
a c 156 V Motherboard
October 8, 2009 8:55:38 AM

caliph said:

pulled everything out except the cpu and fan. I do get some beeps but they are very faint, and it just keeps beeping it doesn't stop.

Are they about the same loudness as the single short beep that signals a good POST? With no memory, you will hear a continuous series of beeps

If the beeps do not change when you try different sticks, it sounds like the motherboard is bad. You need to test the memory in another computer to make sure it is good. It is possible to get two bad memory sticks.