DVD +R or -R for DVD players

As a favor to a friend, I will be taping videos of dance recitals etc. and burning them to DVD for playing in home DVD players by several different families.

Is +R or -R a better option? I have been finding conflicting reports, and I know that neither will have 100% compatibility, but if one is much better than the other, I would like to know.

I have no way of knowing what hardware will be used to play the DVDs in the end, so I am unable to provide that information.

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  1. Although the "-R" disks conform the the real DVD standards, most modern drives are not too particular.
  2. For OLD dvd players... +R with the bit set to rom was the way to go. Any player made in the past 5 yrs should be fine with either.
  3. Just burn the DVD (+ or -) at the rated speed. If it's rated burn speed is 4x, then burn no faster than that. Burning faster than the rated speed will created more disk write errors. While still readable on a DVD drive, a standalone DVD player will likely have trouble reading the disc.
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