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I have a ATI Radeon HD4850 graphics card installed with two DVI ports and one S-video port. First I connected one DVI port via DVI-HDMI to the HDTV and other via DVI-VGA port to the Dell monitor (selecting the HDTV as the 1st display and the dell as the 2nd display). I do get the audio and the video on the HDTV, but I cannot get the audio from the desktop speakers even though I select the "Speakers" from the "Device" menu from the mixer. How do I have to change the settings so that I can get audio from the desktop speakers also. My OS is Windows Vista Business 64-bit. and my mobo is a Asus M3A78-EM
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  1. I think what you want to do is run two audio output devices at the same time.

    You are connecting to the HDtTV with DVI-HDMI, using the audio device "HDMI audio" in the sound control panel, for devices. The desktop speakers are likely setup to use the mobo sound device. You need to switch the audio device in windows to the device that you want to play back, which is HDMI for the HDTV, or switch to the onsboard sound device for desktop speakers. I don't think you can have to primary audio devices at once, unless the app you are using supports choosing the audio output device.
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