Computer Freezes after startup

I've had my computer for about 2 months now, and after windows boots up, it freezes after 5 minutes to the point where the mouse doesn't move and I have to shut down.
This has been happening for about a week now.

My specs are as follow:
Windows Vista 64bit
AMD Phenom II X4 945 3.0 GHz
NVidia GTX 260

Please help, thanks so much!
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  1. Could be anything at all, hardware or software related. You need to give a bit more info if you can.
  2. I disabled everything on startup and cleared my prefetch since. Ran some stuff to make sure my registry was alright and checked a couple drivers. But it still happens. Processor never goes above around 5% when I'm just doing random stuff in Firefox. I have no idea what it could be. I'm sorry. What type of information are you looking for?
  3. Does it freeze in gaming only or just normal windows use? Also, check out your temps as it could be a faulty fan on something, although that would normally cause a crash before 5 mins are up.
  4. Yahh, I mean its around 5 minutes, sometimes it close to right away, other times its like 30 minutes. And I could just be using firefox, or looking at my desktop. Right now it hasn't crashed yet and its been about half an hour. I'm sure it will soon though.
  5. Go into the devise manager and see what needs updating. Also try plugging the mouse into another USb port. You should do a maggot ware scan. Something may be hogging your memory.

    spyware terminator-
    google "trend micro house calls"-
    AVG anti virus-

    May be heat related. 5 minutes to a half hour or so would lead me towards the heat sink for the processor. May be an under power problem. What's your power supply ?
  6. i have the same problem, every time my laptop starts up nicely them 5 mins later CRASH, everything stops....can't seem to find an answer anywhere other that WINDOWS VISTA SUCKS!!!! My advice is do what i plan to do and get Widows XP install fresh.
  7. i bought a new computer with 6 gb of ram 750 gb of hard its a preety good computer has windows 7. ive had it since this christmas of 09 im not sure what i did but after i boot it up around 5-7 minutes into the boot it freezes nothing wants to shut down nothing starts up all my icons disappear and it happens every time
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