Phenom II X4 955: cause of system lock ups?

I ordered this computer from CyberPower in July of 2010, it's worked quite well, taking on all the latest games at max settings and smooth frames. But in October I had the first lock up, I was writing an essay in Microsoft Word and all of a sudden, the system locked up and started to go "beeeeeeeeeeee" and never stopped, until I manually rebooted the system. It scared the hell out of me, I thought I got a bad virus or something, or maybe I accidentally fried something, but I was very frustrated at the same time, because I had to restart the essay, for some reason Microsoft Word didn't create a backup save every 5 mins like it was supposed to.

Ever since that lock up, I've had many instances of locking up, but it only happens when I'm surfing the web or booting up, and unfortunately, when writing essays. This never happens when I'm in game, doesn't matter what I play. This lock up completely freezes all inputs, the screen, and the sound usually stops a second or two later. It will just sit there frozen until I power off or reboot it. Only once did I receive an error message, "HyperThreading Transport Sync Flood." I googled this error message, and some people suggested that raising the NorthBridge speed over the HT link speed would help prevent the problem, as the stock settings puts those two speeds equal at 2000Mhz. So I raised the NB to 2200Mhz, and left the HT link at 2000Mhz, and that seemed to do the trick. For several days I did not receive a single lock up, until yesturday when I was on ebay, the system froze once again. I had OC'd the CPU from 3.2Ghz to 3.6Ghz on the same day that I raised the NB speed, so I checked the CPU idle temps, it was between 42-44 Celsius, and that seemed a bit high to me, so I lowered it to 3.4Ghz, as it is now. The CPU idle temp is 39 Celsius at 3.4Ghz, and I have not had any lock ups so far, although I am somewhat expecting it.

This system lockup is the one issue that has endured time, and the one issue that I just can't resolve. What do you think could be causing it? Note that this lock up emerged before I ever did any OCing to the CPU, but I had been OCing the PowerColor HD 5850 PCS+ since July, although I didn't get very far, because I was stuck at 1.063v, and it became unstable when I increased the core past 840Mhz(stock 760) and the memory past 1060Mhz(stock 1050). I don't think this is because of viruses, I am quite careful about what I download, and I get all my games via Steam or Disc.

I'm really hoping to resolve this issue and get rid of my worries about it. I am upgrading the RAM from 4GB 1333Mhz to 8GB, and adding another HD 5850 in a few days, I really hope I can resolve this issue before there are more components in the system.
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    Power supply maybe
  2. Or temps
  3. alikum said:
    Or temps

    Possibly, He said this doesnt happen when gaming and i would think that caming would definitly cause a thermal situation
  4. Ok guys I think it was the PSU causing all this madness, I've recently realized how crappy of a PSU I had, it's an XtremeGear 700W, which I've heard and now know is very unreliable.

    I'm replacing it with a Rosewill RX850 in two days tho, so it should be all good:)
  5. Yeah i figured it was a PSU, good call on the rosewill. Nice PSU
  6. Locking up is typically caused by hardware failures. If your system locks up during Windows boot, I can almost guarantee that your video card is crap.
  7. If you have an onboard gpu, just take the dedicated gpu card out and run the computer for a while and see if the system still locks up. If it doesn't you know its the gpu.

    If you don't have onboard gpu, buy the cheapest pcie gpu you can find to simply test with.
  8. Thanks for the replies everyone! My system haven't had a single lock up since I changed out the PSU, and I'm 90% confident that it never will lock up like that for the same reason again.
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