Free Veo Stingray Webcam Installation Software

i lost my cd wat should i do to install?
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  1. dont think there were any vista or windows 7 drivers for that only xp
  2. it will install on win 7 and vista you just have to install in compatibility mode for win xp sp3 will work i had mine working on win vista just perfectly but u will run in to the problem of the PC not seeing the webcam but i did manage to search for drivers on the web and i did get it to work..right now i just installed win 7 and i ran into the same just trying to remember wat drivers i installed to get around that problem..but u can get the drivers at

    after installation u just need to figure out how to get the PC to see the i said i got it to work on vista but i just cant remember how i did it ill let u know when i figure it out
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