4670 on 300W

my hp media centre pc config is
PentiumD 820 (S) DC 2.8 GHz
800 MHz front side bus
motherboard name: Asterope2-GL8E Chipset X200
2 GB DDR2 ram 667Mhz
Hard drive 160 GB SATA 7200 rpm
GeForce 7300LE 64 MB DDR memory
300W HIPRO smps with 19A on 12V Rail

i am upgrading my gpu to 512 mb hd 4670.
do i need to change the power supply.
i also have on tv tuner card, one lan card, and one more pci card. i am planning to remove the latter two as i am not using them.
i also have a coolermaster fan/heatsink other than the fan which comes with the pc.
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  1. Do you plan to play games or just watch HD movies?

    4670 is low power consumption so it might be ok with your system...although a P-D is very power hungry.
    4650 has lower power consumption but the 4670 gets more fps for games.
  2. The modern equivalent of a PD 820 would be a C2D X6800, they're not that power hungry when running stock. Only when overclocked.

    'HIPRO' has made cheap bundled PSUs in that past e.g. not capable of outputting rated watt. Mostly made before 2006. They probably have minimal labeling, standard grey paint (or worse, zinc plated) and have fan grills that are part of the enclosure.

    Otherwise 300W is more than what's needed here. The power efficiency of PD 820 is bit of a concern tho if running 24/7.
  3. How old is the PSU?
  4. IMHO I would upgrade the PSU to something like a Corsair 400CX.
  5. the psu is 2.5yrs old
    4670 is for gaming and not for hd viedos.
    i will play fps and rpg at 1024*768 not more than that
    also i am not gonna overclock anything
  6. i live in gujarat, india and corsair or antec is not available here
  7. A VIP silver 500w for RS 1800 will be good enough for that card.
    Its a good quality PSU.
    You can enquire abt that card in stores.
  8. http://www.thermaltake.outervision.com/

    This is a handy little ready reckoner for working out your PSU requirements. Given the age of your PSU, if you find that the amount required gets over about 225w, I'd look at getting a new one. It's cheaper in the long run than replacing anything else if your PSU blows and takes any other components with it.
  9. shubham can you give me the link to that VIP silver 500W.
    this is what i got and it is gold not silver.
  10. I suppose that PSU mighnt bt O.k, but I wouldn't do it. I think a 9500GT would be a better choice for you as it uses less power than the 4670. Even though it is significantly slower, it probably wouldn't be too much slower on your PC since the 4670 would be held back by your CPU anyway.
  11. Well even i wasn't able to get a link about that PSU on the web.
    But I am damn sure that it will run 4670 properly.It has 70% efficiency and nice for PPL on budget.

    You may enquire abt the specs in some store.
  12. ok. thanks everyone for the help
  13. So what are you gonna do ?
  14. i am thinking of buying 4670 without changing my power supply. i think it will be more than sufficient as per these links . check them out

    The HD4670 at most uses 64 watts of power.
    http://mark.zoomcities.com/images/ [...] andgen.png

    An excellent article here : PC power consumption: How many watts do we need ?
    http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/c [...] ttage.html
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