Love the conversation, what about the height limits in an XPS420?

I have an XPS 420 and I would love to put a better graphics card in than my 256MB ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT.

I called Dell and they sent me a 1GB 9500 GT due to the height limits in my machine.

I noticed that the height on the 9800GTX/GTX+/GTS250 is 1.5. Will that work? I does not look like it will.

Any help would be much appreciated, as I do not want to spend another three hours on the phone with Dell in India.

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  1. Apologies, thought that I would also add that I had been reading the best 375W Graphics Card thread. (Three times)

    Much appreciated again!
  2. Karpi said:
    Apologies, thought that I would also add that I had been reading the best 375W Graphics Card thread. (Three times)

    Much appreciated again!

    Hi man, I live in india too.I have a dell inspiron 530 Quad with 350W PSu and am about to go to an 8800Gt/9600GT/
    HD 4670 Whichever is cheaper and better.
    You could go to 9800Gt if you have a good budget ie. around 7000 rupees.
    If u want the link for a 9800 GT here it is

    If u r at a budget of 5000-5500 then go for 9600 Gt. here it is

    For a HD 4670 1 GB DDR3 Powercolor

    Post a reply about ur decision please
  3. Is this the machine in question?

    It looks like it will use any normal card to me, the only problem with height is if the card blocks an expansion slot below it, a common problem with many motherboards, not just Dells!
  4. Yup! That is the machine! If all they are worried about doing is blocking my 8 slot below, I don't care at all! It looks like I will be going with the 9800GTX then, if height is not an issue!

    I was worried about the power until DellUser1 in the "Best 375W Graphics Card Thread" explained about the power in the dell processors. They use 30a, while most other power supplies are 24a. He mentioned that is far more important than wattage. Of course, I got the impression I shouldn't go for some 500w monster, although that would be awesome!

    My only concern with the 9800GTX is the power connection. It states that it uses two 6pin's and I believe that I only have one. I heard in the thread that there is an adapter that can convert the two to one, but I have no idea where to find that.
  5. It's just a simple adaptor that goes over one of your 4-pin psu connectors. I'm not sure if Nvidia give those with their cards or not, but I got one with my 4870.

    I'd assume the 9800gtx had one in the box, but it would be wise to make sure first. is what you need, they are dirt cheap anyway.
  6. I appreciate that. I will check on that or just go with the GTS250 as, according to nVidia's website, the minimum is 400w, which if I have this right, means that my 375W 30a PSU, should handle this just fine.
  7. Its the Dell stock PSU right? Most of them are pretty good actually, but if you wanted too I'm pretty sure you could change it.
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