Can installing RAM on a Corsair 650TX cause all compnt temps to drop?

Ok, I'm half freaked out and half amazed with what just happened to me after installing 4 extra GBs of RAM into my system. Before the upgrade (the build in my sig) I was getting a max of 68C on certain individual cores of my CPU when using the LINPACK test in OCCT and the Blend test in Prime95. I was also 98-102C on my GTX 275 card using Furmark @ 1080p, Benchmarking mode, Xtreme Burning mode, displacement mapping, post FX, and a run time of 600,000 ms.

However, when I installed 4GBs of OCZ Platinum DDR2 1066 RAM my CPU temp dropped a full 17C under load using the same test and my GTX 275 dropped to a max of 86C.

I checked CPUZ, my overclock is still in effect. Both it and OCCT recognized the overclock and the RAM timings were the same. I got no errors from a 1:30 min. run of OCCT and no artifacts in Furmark. My device manager says that there are no faulty devices.

I really don't know whether I should be horrified or relieved by this drop. I just want to know if any of you have heard of A) a power supply giving excess voltages to the CPU and GFX card when it isn't being challenged enough or B) this occuring when you accidentally install RAM while the computer is off but still plugged in.

I also have a Virtual XP mode installed, the biggest recent change to my system.
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    Whatever happened, it's not your PSU.
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    That is a BIG drop. Maybe you moved all the wires/cables out of your fans' airflow, or bumped the CPU Heatsink/fan and it made better contact. :pt1cable:
  3. Well, I've deflated some and leaned more towards freaked out. Although I ran Prime95, wPrime, and OCCT's Linpack test and received the same results (I even tried multiple times with all three of them!) they have since returned to normal.

    Yay for anomalous software behavior.
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