I might liquid cool an lga 1155 cpu and i need help picking out parts

i might assemble a custom liquid loop for my new 2600k (otherwise i will get the NH-D14)
i have done my homework but i need help shopping for the parts.
could you please recommend all of the parts i might need for under $300 (i have the 800D case so i have a lot of room)
i would like to get 5GHz or 4.8GHz stable 24/7 and i like the looks of liquid

could you please compile a list of parts (Reservoir, pump, radiator, types of tubing and sizes, fitting, ect.)

what i really don't need you to do:
give me a guilt trip about how i'm a newb and don't need to water cool and that kind of thing (my brother showed me how they work and how to assemble so he can help me if i even need it which i doubt i will)

im just cooling the i7 2600k

PS. i do want it to look cool

thank you all so much for your advise :D
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  1. this should probably be in cooling/heatsinks

    sry i didn't notice
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    i,m going to build almost the same pc :D

    my parts:
    cpu: intel 2600k
    mobo: ud7 GB p67a-ud7
    mem: corsair dominator 2133mhz cl8 2x2gb + fan
    gpu: nvidia gtx570 (sli ?)
    psu: antec quadro 850w
    ssd: ocs vertex II extended 60gb

    cpu: heatkiller 3.0
    gpu: ek gtx570 waterblock
    480mm rads
    pomp: laing ddc plus-1
    13mm/10mm fittings
    tygon hoses
    uv green water
    ek tube resevoir
  3. thanks for the help... i'm not cooling the GPU though, i will be upgrading to 3 6970s instead of 2 later this year.

    i know the 570 is better for a few really good titles, but i have 3 monitors, so 6970s win everywhere at that resolution ;)

    580s are awesome, yet still don't do so well at huge resolutions
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