Well I went out and got a sabertooth x58 board, It has all Sata no ide and my hard drive with my os has ide and my other hdd's are sata, I went ahead and just reinstalled on a diff hard drive, if I get a adapter how would I go about installing this hard drive.

Also I bought a adapter it says ide to sata, but I guess it's for the motherboard ide not the drive itself, anyone kno how to get this to work if possible?
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  1. First thought comes to mind is why you would buy a sabertooth board, with SATA2 and SATA3 on it and then plan to use IDE on it - madness!

    Anyway.. I would suggest getting an IDE external enclosure and use your IDE as a backup / external drive.

    If you really need to install your IDE drive to your motherboard, you need something like this:
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