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Hi, I have a PNY 9600gt card and I've been having some problems with it. I wondering if my psu could be the reason. It's an Apex SL-8550EPS is this good enough to power this card for gaming?

System specs
P4 3.0GHz
Asus P5S-MX SE motherboard
4Gigs Ram

By lore934 at 2009-05-07
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  1. Should be OK, it has 2 12v rails of 20 and 18 Amps but I am not sure of its quality.
    What problems are you having?
  2. Whenever I play any games fallout 3 and combat arms for example, The game will freeze for a few seconds then windows will say the game stopped working. Other times I'll get a hard lock up with a loud annoying sound and have to restart my computer. I also get random BSOD and a few times when first booting from bios screen to vista login I get random glitchy colors all over the screen, I don't know if it's artifacting or what it is.
  3. maybe the psu can't provide stable power.. how old is it? is it a well-known brand in your place?

    try running fallout on lowest settings possible.. even the reso..

    update drivers and bios..
  4. Must admit it does sound like a PSU problem but there are others to eliminate first.
    First, remove and replace every connector they can work loose over time and lead (pun intended) to poor connections.
    Remove and reseat your RAM and all expansion cards.
    While you are in the case, check the interior, heatsinks and fans for dust build-up removing as required, after all, you are in there, might as well do some Spring cleaning at the same time.
    See if that helps.
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