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I have got an old Gigabyte motheboard. I want to change to an AMD x4 9650 or AMD x3 8650 Phenom CPU for games.

My motherboard supports AMD x4 9600 & AMD x3 8600 but the BIOS are not updated since 1 year ago.

The difference between 9600 & 9650 is in steeping, one is B2 and the another is B3. Could be compatibles? Who is stepping?

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  1. The 00 cpus are b2 stepping and have the TLB bug which in simple terms makes their memory access slower ... they run slower.

    The 50 cpu's are b3 stepping and don't have the bug so the memory (cache) runs properly.

    Get a 50 ending cpu.

    What is the mobo so we can see what cpu's are supported to check that for you please?
  2. This one:


    XX50 are not supported. :-(

    I know that also should change the motherboard. I have the money, but remove all the hardware inside the housing and reinstall the SO will be painfull for me.
  3. Yes looks like your right.

    I wouldn't waste money on putting a Phenom I into a rig unless it had a low end X2 and you wanted to use it for encoding or somethin where the 4 cores were getting well used.

    Or you were getting the 9600 real cheap.

    See if you can get one second hand for $50 and if so then try it.

    You didn't say what you mainly use the PC for ... is it for light gaming or just work etc?

    The Phenom I's are not much of a jump up from an X2 - albeit in a few areas they are.

    What has it got in it now?
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