CPU No Longer reading Temp in Win7 64Bit

MSI 770 -G45

As of recently I can't read temps while in the OS
Check Sig for specs.

I'm stumped .... :o
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  1. Hi.

    Go to the BIOS and select "Load default setting", if that doesn't work, update to the latest BIOS version.

    Let me know if something works.
  2. :(

    I hate doing BIOS updates on MSI boards. You never know if it's going to be stable after that.
    I kind of figured it would come to this.

    Anyways I'll report back.
  3. No change after update. No luck.
  4. Di you reseted the BIOS?
  5. Of course. No Change.
  6. This bother's me because I cant do a prime95 test reliably.
    I can read temps while in BIOS but its no help. Itll give me an idle temp at best.
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    The temps programs will not read the temps of unclocked cores, try with the default cores, Phenom II X2 555 at stock and let me know the results.
  8. Go back to a "stock" X2 555 and get your max temps when running as a dual core. When you unlock your CPU you won't be able to read those temps... Take your base temps from the dual core setup and add 4-5 degrees for a good idea where you are at running four cores.
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  10. I kind of figured...

    I'm sure I've seen someone running prime after core unlocking and he got temps strait from prime.

    I'm sure there is someway to read temps from all four cores through something like CPU-Z or Prime.
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